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view of the earth from space

What is Google Earth?

Google Earth is probably the best known GIS software available. Learn more about the software’s tumultuous history, the current versions available, and alternatives to Google Earth Pro now that it’s no longer supported.

photo of unearth team at gasworks park

Seattle Construction Tech Company Set to Revolutionize Industry

This cover story on Unearth was featured in the Jan/Feb edition of Wire Rope Exchange. It covers a review of Unearth, the team, and the product capabilities.

close up of construction worker holding sledge hammer

5 Steps to Getting a Construction Job

Unearth's 5 simple steps to find, apply, and land a job in construction.

construction crew working on a skyscraper

Construction Career Guide

Use the this guide to understand the different construction specialties, their salaries, and their employment prospects.

illustration of sinking wages

California Construction Wages Sink Below 1970s Levels

The LA Times recently reported that after adjusting for inflation, today’s construction workers make $5/hour less than in the 1970s.

Miami police car

Three Men Rob Construction Site in Broad Daylight

A Miami contractor is feeling the loss of $20,000 worth of equipment after a bold daylight robbery occurred on one of their sites.

picture of stack of civil war cannonballs

Construction Crew Finds Hundreds of Potentially Explosive Cannonballs

A construction crew stumbled across a potentially explosive find while excavating the site of a future apartment complex.

burnt down house

Construction Workers Honored after Saving Woman from House Fire

A construction crew in Firestone, CO, initially thought they had caused a disastrous accident on their site...