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Construction Management

The latest techniques and best practices to successfully manage construction projects

Female construction worker on site

Shattering the Concrete Ceiling: How to Make It as a Woman in Construction

Unearth's guide to gender diversity in the construction industry. Find women in construction statistics, as well as practical tips on how to get started in construction as a woman.

Close up of paper construction drawings

Why is precision essential for construction drawings?

Discover the importance of precision in construction drawings, and how inaccuracy can lead to costly mistakes.

A project manager photo next to a superintendent photo

Constructing Success with Rivals: Project Manager vs. Superintendent

A good Project Manager/Superintendent relationship underlies every successful build. Unfortunately, the two often butt heads, hindering construction progress.

illustration of laptop with construction equipment

Improving Communication Field-to-Office and Office-to-Field

A guide to construction's digital communication future: streamlined data and collaboration on one platform.

photo of a bridge under constsruction

Why Construction Needs Collaboration

A guide to construction's collaboration problem: the nature of collaboration, why it’s essential to success, and what the industry can do to embrace it.

picture of building being repainted

How to Rebuild Construction's Image

A practical, grassroots guide to rebuilding construction's image. See how your firm can shift public perception by attracting youth and boosting productivity.

1900s Seattle Public Square Building Under Construction

Construction's Image Crisis: Why and How Construction Needs to Attract Youth

There’s agreement that construction’s biggest issue is productivity, yet one topic remains unaddressed: Why does construction have this problem to begin with?

Hoover Dam Under Construction

Construction Productivity: Addressing the Industry's Largest Problem

The construction industry works hard. But, for all the labor that goes into building the modern world, the industry's output over time continues to decline.

Construction Inspectors On Site

5 Steps to Streamline Construction Communication

Do you want your builds done under budget and ahead of schedule? It won’t happen without consistently getting one thing right: communication.