OnePlaceTM for all your construction technology.

Automatically organize all your data by location in OnePlaceTM.

Construction needs a better way to manage and organize technology...

OnePlaceTM brings it all together so it makes sense.

The software industry left construction behind. Large-scale physical projects don't fit neatly into files, folders, and spreadsheets, but tech companies forced the industry to do it anyways. Unearth created OnePlace to give the teams behind the built world a way to manage their data that actually works for them: a map.

Do more, with less.

OnePlaceTM increases efficiency across your entire project by giving your teams the tools they need to streamline the processes they already use. You'll get better results with less effort.

  • Digital Toolkit

    Ditch paper for digital solutions.

    Moving tasks from an analog-digital hybrid to an all digital model reduces time spent transferring information between paper-based processes and digital data management systems.

  • Simple User Interface

    Use OnePlaceTM with virtually no training.

    Streamlined and simple, our software has an intuitive user interface designed to be accessible for all. From owners to office staff to contractors, any team member can dive in and get started quickly.

  • Common Operating Picture

    View your entire project at once.

    OnePlace eliminates the need for catch-up, redundant explanations, and general misinformation by giving all parties instant access to the data they need, when they need it.

Eliminate Disputes

Construction disputes are caused by poor communication and inaccessible information. By eliminating data silos and removing information roadblocks for all stakeholders, potential disputes can be addressed quickly and effectively before you have to bring in the lawyers.

  • Accurate As-Builts

    Automatically create reliable project records.

    With a robust as-built record, stakeholders have easy access to every piece of project data, decreasing miscommunication and increasing overall transparency.

  • Real Time Project Updates

    Avoid rework.

    Rework is one of the biggest causes of delays, cost overruns, and disputes. With real time access to project data, teams can identify and address minor issues before they become major rework.

Create Collaboration

Integrate existing tools, share information, and work from virtually anywhere so your team can collaborate effectively. You’ll decrease miscommunication and misinformation while significantly boosting overall productivity.

  • Seamless Integrations

    Use the tools you already have.

    OnePlaceTM works to enhance pre-existing systems by streamlining data management. With easy integrations of industry standard information products, teams can improve their processes while continuing to use the data capture methods already in place.

  • Open Access

    Sidestep licensing roadblocks.

    With the ability to upload and view file types from any program, OnePlaceTM cuts down on the costs created by expensive and unnecessary licensing, while giving everyone access to the data they need to make decisions without interference.

  • Work Remote

    Get the job done from anywhere

    Increase the coverage area of your business by retrieving and updating project information at anytime from anywhere. Owners, contractors, and architects can work together no matter their location.

Reduce Rework

Rework caused by poor data and miscommunication costs a total of $31.3 billion annually in the United States. Data management software like OnePlaceTM creates a foundation of context for effective stakeholder communication - potentially saving your project hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars in unnecessary costs.

  • Up-to-Date Information

    The most current data, available instantly.

    By keeping everyone working with the most current information, from plans and as-builts, to construction photos and drone data, you can feel confident that the project is always being built as intended.

  • Prompt Reporting

    Communicate issues quickly.

    With access to comprehensive data in real time, teams on the ground can report problems immediately, find solutions faster, and get them approved with ease.

  • Simple Communication

    Keep all your messages in a single platform.

    When everyone sends messages, files, and data with one system, less correspondence goes unanswered and nothing gets lost or forgotten.

Get up and running in 5 minutes.