Automate your as-built drawings.

Unearth is construction's only fully integrated progress documentation platform designed to automate your as-built documentation procedure.

How can you effortlessly create as-built documentation?

As-built documentation creates a record of how real world construction aligns to construction plans. It's essential to every construction project, and involves meticulous detail that can be easily overlooked. Unearth’s place-based construction software automates the as-built documentation procedure by capturing progress when and where it happens.

iPad showing ability to annotate blutprints

Share plan markups with real time collaboration tools.

Use our construction collaboration app to markup your blueprints with freehand drawing tools and icons. Our blueprint software will make sure everyone stays on the same page by sharing annotations across devices for clear communication among stakeholders, and a living a record of all conversations.

Automatically document progress photos by location.

Unearth completely eliminates the headache of tagging your construction data. When you use our mobile construction software to capture photos with your iOS or Android device, we’ll automatically organize the photos within your plans or aerial surveys according to your location on the jobsite . We also support 360 photo documentation for construction.

360 Photo Viewer in OnePlace
Blueprint with an area circled

Easily share as-builts with people outside the platform.

Need to get outside input on details within your plans? With Unearth, there’s no need to add additional users, just choose the thread you want to share and enter the phone numbers of the people you want to share it with. Our construction software gives them full access to everything they need to know about the issue, while being restricted from the rest of the project.

Capture and document progress with drone surveys.

Drone surveying is the most reliable method of as-built documentation. Unearth’s place-based construction management software uses aerial surveys to form an interactive base layer that can be used to overlay geo-referenced plans and capture ground-based observations by location. You'll always know exactly how your build lines up to the plans.

aerial imagery in OnePlace