Do more with your construction blueprint software.

Blueprint software is essential to ensuring that everyone is building on the most current set. But, what if it could do more? What if you could use your blueprint software to create a digital twin of your project that automatically documents all of your progress? That’s why Unearth created OnePlace™.

How can a blueprint app improve your entire construction workflow?

Unearth's blueprint software turns your plans into more than just PDF pages. It puts them to work by transforming them into a single image that overlays perfectly on top of aerial imagery of your site; meaning you can exactly how your actual progress aligns to your blueprints, then use that view to manage your entire build.

Overlay your blueprints on aerial imagery.

The most powerful advantage Unearth’s blueprint app gives users is the ability to align your plans perfectly to drone, aircraft, or satellite imagery of your jobsite. This view transforms your blueprints into a powerful project management and documentation tool that's easily available to anyone that needs access.

overhead imagery of construction site with and without blueprint overlays
iPhone and laptop showing blueprint overlays

A simple, mobile plan viewer.

If your blueprint app doesn’t work on mobile devices, then it’s not doing its job. Unearth works on any device through our browser-based construction web app or our native construction iOS app. Either way you’ll have a simple way to interact with your plans from any device, and can be confident that everyone is always on the same page..

Blueprint markup tools for all your devices.

Our full set of markup tools is available on any device, so you can annotate your blueprints from anywhere, and ensure that they’re seen by everyone. Our cloud-based construction software uses the latest websocket architecture, meaning everyone will see changes in real-time as soon as you hit submit.

screenshot of annotating blueprints on an iPad
ground-based photo stored within blueprints

Store as-built documentation within your blueprints.

Keeping your as-built documentation organized is one of construction’s biggest challenges. That’s why we invented place-based documentation. Our system automatically captures the location of all your site activity, then stores it where it happened either within your blueprints for vertical construction, or on top of an aerial map of your site for horizontal.

How can you go from PDF to project in minutes?

< 1 minute

Upload Files & Select Sheets

Upload and select the plan layer you want to overlay.

1 minutes


Crop out the information blocks if you don't want them on your map.

3 minutes


Place stakes to align your layer with aerial imagery of the jobsite.

You're done!

You're done!

Review and name your new layer, select a color, and get to work!