Simple drone mapping software for construction.

Our construction drone app powers aerial surveys, progress documentation, and spatial measures for your construction site. We can also process your raw drone photos into an orthograph!

What can drones do for your construction project?

Putting a drone on your construction site is the first step to taking advantage of all the latest advancements in construction technology by laying the foundation for your construction site’s digital twin. Unearth is one of the few construction software systems available that can use construction drone data to create a digital copy of your construction project, enabling you to take advantage of our most valuable, advanced features:

Create digital maps for aerial as-built documentation

Create digital maps for aerial as-built documentation.

Your construction software should do more than just organize your construction project, it should cover your ass. With your aerial drone surveys stored in Unearth, you’ll have a complete, interactive as-built record of your project that aligns your real progress with your construction drawings.

Calculate stockpile volumes from aerial surveys.

Find cut/fill values in seconds and compare change in volume over time just by circling an area on your drone survey. With our construction app for iOS, you can have the ability to take these spatial measures anywhere, anytime, giving you a complete and up-to-date stockpile report at your fingertips 24/7.

Stockpile volumes from aerial surveys
Construction drone photography for marketing

Use construction drone photography for marketing.

Nothing impresses prospective clients more than aerial photos and videos of a construction timelapse. Our cloud-based construction software stores an entire record of your ground and aerial photography to paint a marketable image of your entire build. We make marketing for construction companies simple by automatically organizing your project in one easy-to-share place.

Simple site monitoring from anywhere with your iPad, iPhone, or Android Device.

Get peace of mind for yourself and your stakeholders with mobile construction site security monitoring. Stream your construction video feeds into Unearth’s interactive site map, then place beacons to send alerts to people on site or to request more information about an area. Unearth has full suite of construction collaboration features to enable everyone to monitor a project in real time.

Simple site monitoring