Powerful construction photo documentation software with support for 360° photos.

Consistent photo documentation is a crucial CYA tactic, but it can also be a pain. With OnePlace™ you'll turn everyone on site into a photo documentation professional, have all your photos automatically organized by place, and get a full suite of construction software tools.

Do more with your photo documentation software.

Photo documentation shouldn’t be a standalone activity, it should be an integral part of the entire construction process. That’s why our place-based construction software integrates photo documentation into your construction workflow, giving you powerful tools to not only document your construction progress photos by place, but to use that build-evidence to keep your entire team informed and up-to-date.

Photo collaboration with full support for 360° photos.

360° photos are the quickest way to capture all your progress, that's why we built a native 360° photo viewer into our product. See an issue in one of your photos? OnePlace™ allows you to comment on it and bring in outside stakeholders to the conversation without paying for an additional account!

You’ll get a complete photo record of your project by location, and have the entire history of activity around the photos in one place.

Organize photos by place within blueprints or drone surveys.

We know horizontal and vertical construction have different photo documentation needs, and we created solutions for both. For horizontal construction we create a map of your site from aerial photography and store every photo by location on that map.

For vertical, our construction blueprint app georeferences your plans, and then pins your photos to the plan layer that corresponds to the floor you’re working on.

OnePlace screenshot of photo geolocated to plan
Screenshot of the drone survey selector in OnePlace

Store aerial and ground-based photography together.

Ground-based photography is excellent for documenting specific details, but if you want photo evidence of your entire project, there’s no replacement for drone surveys of your construction site.

Aerial imagery allows you to capture all your progress in a single view, so you have the evidence you need, when you need it, with no doubts. Unearth keeps all your drone surveys organized on an unlimited number of projects.

Access your photos from any device, anywhere.

Never worry about where your evidence is stored, with Unearth it is always safe and secure in the cloud. It’s also always available for you to review and refer to from any device.

If you know you’re going to need access to your build evidence and you won’t have internet, our iPhone construction app lets you view your data offline.

OnePlace photo documentation screenshot