Map-based maintenance management software

Manage your physical assets with a tool that makes sense: a map.

Stop forcing the built environment into files, folders, and spreadsheets...

...and start organizing it naturally.

The digital revolution arrived decades ago, but it left behind industries that work with large-scale physical assets or projects. We created Unearth to provide geo-located data management for the built world, simplifying the digital lives of the people who keep things running.

Simplify Daily Tasks

Whether you're mitigating gas line cross bores for an entire state or running operations and maintenance, we've got all the tools you need to keep your day-to-day workflows streamlined and easy.

  • Map-Based Interface

    Find everything you need by location.

    Keep all your data at your fingertips, eliminate lost files and folders, and streamline communication. With OnePlaceTM, you're always working and collaborating with the context you need to make the best decisions.

  • Secure Cloud Storage

    Keep your data safe and accessible.

    Our secure cloud servers, built on Amazon's AWS infrastructure, give you reliable access to your data from any device, anywhere in the world.

  • Modern, Simple UX

    Software that's easy to use.

    Unlike other mapping systems that require years of specialized training and powerful local processing, Unearth's OnePlaceTM is designed to be simple and understandable. Anyone can jump in and use the software immediately.

Increase Field Team Range

The right software lets field teams do more work in less time by making information retrieval and reporting fast and easy. When assigning, understanding, and documenting work takes minutes instead of hours, field teams can get up to 66% more work done in the same amount of time.

  • Mobile-First Design

    A mapping platform for any device.

    Field teams need simple software that works quickly and easily from any device. OnePlaceTM is designed for phones and tablets, meaning it's just as easy to use on a mobile devices as it is on desktop.

  • Offline Capabilities

    Work from anywhere.

    Data coverage is never guaranteed for mobile teams, and their tools need to work without or without internet. Unearth ensures teams can work on our platform regardless of internet access to keep the field mobile 24/7.

Improve Safety and Reliability

By tracking all your maintenance work in OnePlaceTM, you can view an activity heatmap to identify problematic areas and address the root issues. With geo-located beacons, field teams can place user-wide alerts to clearly identify safety issues and prioritize their resolution.

  • Real Time Activity Monitoring

    View field data as it's captured.

    With Unearth, you always have a window into your operations where you can track and optimize field team activity in real time.

  • GPS-Enabled Safety Alerts

    Easily monitor field team safety

    Our beacons system lets teams quickly drop a marker from their mobile device to alert all teams of any emerging safety concerns.

  • Simple Data Sharing

    Get the right data to the right people

    Make sure the right people get the information they need to make the best decisions possible in the shortest amount of time.

Get up and running in 5 minutes.