Drone Surveys.

One solution for all your built world data.

Simple Photo Documentation

  • Bulk photo upload
  • Ground-based capture
  • Native 360 photo viewer
  • Geolocated Photo Storage

Simplify your construction photo documentation by getting everything you need in OnePlace. We'll bulk upload all of your exisiting photos and organize them for you by place on a map of your jobsite.

Use our construction photo app to let anyone easily capture and upload geo-located progress photos. We also offer full support for 360 photos with a native 360 photo viewer.

Drone Surveys

  • Process drone surveys
  • Calculate area and volume
  • Compare change over time
  • View your aerials from any device

Drones are the best way to quickly capture and measure build progress on all your projects. Unearth's OnePlace has a simple, end-to-end tool to upload, process, and analyze your drone surveys.

We also have an industry first geo-correction solution that lets you accurately compare progress over time on different drone surveys, even if you flew without ground control points.


  • Overlay Plans on Aerial Imagery
  • Compare plan sets
  • Document progress within plans
  • Keep everyone on the current set

Without context, it can be easy to overlook mistakes in your construction blueprints. With Unearth's OnePlaceTM, you can put your construction plans directly over aerial imagery of your site, to ensure you see your plans in the full context of your project.

We also make it simple to communicate and collaborate with your entire team by giving you a full set of annotation and discussion tools.

As-Built Drawings

  • Geo-located reality capture
  • Annotate aerial imagery and plans
  • Measure planned progress to actual
  • Easily export and share PDFs

Unearth's OnePlace creates your as-built documentation as you go by automatically storing all your activity by location on your jobsite.

Need to send an as-built for review? Bring up the location on your site, select the activity you want to include, then either invite the person as a free guest collaborator or click our PDF export to send them a hyperlinked PDF.

Your OnePlaceTM subscription includes access to all our tools!